Hello, I’m TamaraEsq.  Esq for Esquire, because during the day I kick ass and take names as an attorney and mediator.  I started blogging in October, 2008 as a way to catalog my adventures in cooking, eating, traveling, and enjoying life. 

Since then, I had a beautiful baby boy, took a long maternity hiatus from my job, and completed culinary school.  The blog followed me; I couldn’t get away from it.  Two years later I had another baby and decided that my typical 70-hour work week didn’t leave much left over for my beautiful family.  So I left big firm life and now I’m working on building my budding mediation practice.  Try as I might to leave this little blog of mine, it still haunts me. What a stalker!

I don’t consider myself one of those incredibly talented and tireless women who are great at “having it all,” because I discovered “having it all” meant working harder than I wanted.  I’m content to “have it my way.”  Fiesty do-gooder mediator part-time, crafty cook part-time, and devoted wife and mother full-time.  

I have no idea where my love of cooking will take me but so far my culinary adventure has been a nice change of pace from life in the litigation lane.  I’m also enjoying learning my sewing and embroidery machine to make cute personalized presents for nearly everybody I know.  I hope you’ll continue to join me as I try to figure this whole thing out, and share a few recipes and sewing and craft ideas along the way.  

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