Candy Japan: Takoyaki “Octopus Balls”

I’m a little behind on reporting, but I know you’re all on pins and needles waiting to see what delectable sweets the folks over at Candy Japan sent me.

Last month’s shipment came with something called “Takoyaki,” which roughly translates to Octopus Balls.  Here’s the package, which came with a brown tray, a few other foil packs, a red plastic pouch with gummies inside, and a tiny spoon.

Takoyaki Candy

Why name a candy after octopus balls? Well, apparently this candy is meant to emulate the popular octopus balls available in fast food joints, as explained in this video:

I’m glad they sent me a how-to video, because the package’s complicated instructions were all in Japanese and I never would have figured it out from the cartoon pictures.  In case this candy pops up at your local Five & Dime, I’ll walk you through how to make it:

First, mix the gummy solution with some water in the handy mixing area with your spoon, included.  Then quickly pour the solution into the molds because it will continue to solidify as it sits.


Add your octopus gummies and cover with more gummy solution to create the ball with the octopus inside.

Octopus gummy

Wait for it to solidify, then add your sauce.


Finally, seaon with your crunchy “fish flakes.”

Fish flakes

Enjoy your Takoyaki Octopus gummy.

Takoyaki Octopus ball gummy

The gelatinous exterior tastes like some non-descript orange fruit flavor and the “octopus” gummy inside tastes more like strawberry.  The green “fish flakes” are like pop rocks.  I have to say this candy was more fun to make than to eat.  I like having to work for my food.  Another fun experience thanks to my mail order friends in Japan.




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