Finally, Baby Girl Clothes: A basket of goodies for baby ADDISON

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Besties H+M FINALLY adopted their bundle of joy.  YIPPEEEE!!!!

Addison Grace was born on September 11 and joined her new family the very next morning. She is a perfect little angel with fuzzy blond hair and a sweet-as-can-be face.

You might recall this snuggie I made for H+M back in January when they were expecting to receive another baby.  As these things sometimes go, the birth momma of that baby suddenly changed her mind, so they waited some more.  But their four year wait is over.  Addison is home!

Of course, as soon as I heard the news last month that a baby might be on her way, I kicked it into high gear on the sewing machine.  This baby was going to come home in style, with handmade fashions from her Auntie TamaraEsq.  How exciting to have an excuse to make girl’s clothes!  So exciting, in fact, that the day we went to the house to meet Addison, I neglected to take pictures of the beautiful basket I made for her until after I delivered it.  Momma H graciously let me put it all back together so I could snap a few photos from her living room.  Not my finest pics but you get the idea.

Basket of Goodies for Addison Grace

The basket was filled with all sorts of goodies, mostly handmade items from yours truly with a few other bonuses.  The items I didn’t make included two Aden + Anais cotton muslin swaddlers, two books (Tikki Tikki Tembo and But Not the Hippopotamus, two of Fin’s favorites), a box of Baby Loopies Mary Jane socks, a Zutano A-Line Jumper (onesie/dress), and an Apple Tree to Be, which is an apple tree they can plant in their yard and watch it grow as the baby grows (Addy’s Daddy likes his garden).  Thoughtful, yes?


Now for the good stuff.  My handmade creations included a set of booties, a pair of bloomers, 2 bibs with terry cloth on the back, and a stuffed terry cloth bunny toy.  I also made another pinafore dress (remember this one?).  For the dress I had to size down the pattern I had for a size 2.  I hope the dress will fit Addison up to six months.  And I have it on good authority that Addison might just wear her new dress when she greets the world at her baby shower next month!

The last thing I made was a blanket/car seat cover.  It’s a little something I invented but it’s top secret and I’m not ready for the big reveal just yet.  Suffice it to say it’s very handy and very cute (the blanket is rolled up on the left side of the basket next to the bunny in the picture above).

Addison clothes

Watching H open her basket made all the hours I spent sewing the goodies worth it.  I have a few more projects in mind for Addison.  Until I have my own baby girl to dress, Addison will likely be the beneficiary of all the cute girl clothes I have time to sew.  There’s something so sweet and gratifying about dressing a baby in handmade creations.  Sweet Pea creations for our littlest sweet pea, Addison Grace.


  1. We LOVE the beautiful basket of goodies for Addison. Your hand made items are the highlight for sure. We are getting great use of her gifts already. We love you Auntie Tam!


  2. Cute, Holly posted the basket on facebook.
    You are incredible. This is why you are so loved.


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