Clean out the fridge project: Enamel bud vases

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My favorite kind of project is the “instant gratification” project where I invest maybe an hour of time and then I’m done and I have something I can use that’s pretty.  This is one of those.  I wish I can take credit for this fantastic idea but no.  Martha Stewart deserves the credit, again.  She’s Martha Stewart.  Who can compete with that?  I saw the idea on which linked me to this blog post.  (P.S. if you love crafts, or even just like them a little, you must check out this website.  It’s foodgawker but for crafts. Pics link to blog posts for fun and gorgeous craft ideas.  Love it).  Ok, enough credit sharing. Let’s get down to cases.

So, this project takes one day of prep, and about one hour of work.  Plus drying time.  That’s it.  Simple as can be.

Enamel paint You’ll need:

  • Clean, dry glass bottles and jars
  • Enamel paint
  • Gloves
  • Rags
  • Acetone
  • A place to dry the bottles where you can drip paint and not care

Step 1: Clean out your refrigerator!  Especially the condiment shelves.  Collect all those old jars of marinades and jams you’ve had in there for more than a year.  You know you have a stockpile of it.  Dump it!  You’ll feel better.  My favorite bottles are jam and syrup bottles.  They come in all sorts of cute shapes.

Step 2: Wash the bottles and remove the labels.  If the labels are stubborn, soak the bottles in water for an hour, then scrub off.  Or use olive oil.  That works too.

Step 3: Let them dry overnight.  You need them to be bone dry, otherwise the paint won’t adhere evenly.  I learned this the hard way but that’s ok.  It just makes for a more rustic finished product if they aren’t bone dry.

Enamel vases Step 4:  Take your enamel paint.  1shot brand works well.  A little goes a long way.  Wear gloves.  Work in a well ventilated area.  Pour the paint inside the bottle and swirl to coat evenly.  Dump the remaining paint back in the tin for reuse.  Take your time and drain well.  Wipe the rims and outside with a rag soaked with acetone to clean up the bottles if you get paint on the outside.

Step 5: Let dry.  These take a few days to dry thoroughly.  Finished.

Step 6: Add beauty.  I stamped some tags and tied them around the vases using ribbon and a glue gun.  These became the centerpieces for a dear friend’s 40th Surprise Party.  She loved them and took them home with her to enjoy.  I made sure to use colors that she loved and would match the decor in her house.

Clean fridge.  Recycled and re-purposed glass bud vases.  Instant gratification.

Enamel vase center pieces


  1. Love it! I cannot wait to try it, especially because our fridge needs a good editing. Also, is it more fun to do in a poorly ventilated area? (just kidding…)

  2. Thanks for this great idea. I am planning on doing this in turquoise and adding red flowers for a Christmas party…I am a “planner”to ha ha


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