Grains of the world: Spain and Latin America

In Cuisine Across Cultures class we’ve been touring the world one grain at a time.  Each class we learn about different grains and starches used in the various parts of the world, such as rice, noodles, maize, wheat, potatoes, etc.  Every day we are broken up into groups of four.  There is usually one dish that all of us need to make individually, and another four dishes that we divide up among the four of us.  So we each cook 2 dishes per day, and we help out our team members to prepare their dishes as well.

We’ve been focusing on grains in latin speaking countries.  Here are a few of the dishes we prepared last week.  I think we broke the bank on lard.


Paella: saffron rice with tons of goodies: clams, mussels, squid, shrimp, chicken, sausage

Arepas with shrimp
Arepas: South American corn dough treat filled with spicy shrimp

Sopes three ways

Sopes three ways: corn dough base topped with carnitas, chicken, and poblano peppers with cheese


Pupusas: stuffed corn pancakes with poblano and cheese


Empanadas: more corn cake stuffed with spicy ground beef

And my personal favorite of the bunch: TAMALES- chicken, queso Oaxaca, poblano chile. Tamales are actually pretty easy to make, but they take a while. You need to make your filling, make your masa mixture (masa plus lard, very healthy), spread it out, wrap them, tie them, then steam the tamales for about an hour. After all that work you’re rewarded with soft, creamy, sweet/salty goodness.

I hope you enjoyed our survey of the all mighty corn.  Ole!

Next up: grains in Asia.



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