I’m no master chef but…. MasterChef Cake Decorating

Le Cordon Bleu has teamed up with the MasterChef television series to teach cooking classes to the public.  Non-professionals far and wide pay $99 a pop to learn a particular skill from an LCB instructor.  And when my baking instructor asked me to serve as her assistant for a cake decorating class, I was bewildered first, then flattered.  As I mentioned, cake decorating is not my forte, but I decided to spend a Saturday pretending it was anyway.

Student set up

Our class consisted of about 15 students and started off the same way as my baking class did, with a demo.  Chef Norris quickly demonstrated how to bake a perfect chiffon cake and how to whip up some icing.  Then she showed a few basic icing skills to get the students started.  We already baked cakes for the students to use to save them time, because the class was focused on decorating, not cake baking.  Each student was given a cake, an apron, side towels, and a recipe packet.  Tools were borrowed and shared.

At my table there was a darling mother/daughter team, two gentlemen (yes, real men decorate cakes) and another lady who wanted to decorate a cake for her handsome fellow.

I showed them a few basics, like how to hold the offset spatula while turning the cake stand, how to color icing, and how to make simple leaves and roses with icing.  Little did they know that just a week ago I learned the same tricks.  I think I fooled them.  Despite my stellar decorating tips, the students were most impressed when I taught them how to tape their cardboard cake circle to the cake carrying case so it didn’t roll around on the car ride home.  I definitely earned my keep with that one.

In the end, my students were happy with their cakes, and I got to call myself sous chef for a day.  Not a bad trade off.


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