Fin’s 1st 4th: Fireworks

For the past 3 years we’ve lived in prime fireworks viewing territory, perched just above the Rose Bowl, which boasts the most spectacular fireworks display in SoCal.  Yet, every 4th we spend in Lake Arrowhead with the Core watching the show from our boat on the lake.  This year we were fortunate enough to enjoy fireworks in Arrowhead on Sunday and to finally see the 4th show from our house on Monday.  Hooray.  With my tripod set and my camera in manual mode with my f-stop to f/11 and my shutter speed set to 4 seconds (these are the can-do settings to capture fireworks), I was ready.

At about 8:45 p.m. the sun set and fireworks started to fly all over the Southland.  Fireworks, of course, are banned in Los Angeles County, but a little thing like the law won’t stop us Americans from celebrating our patriotism (ironic, no?).  Mini shows sprang up from houses far and wide.  Our view covers the Rose Bowl to Downtown Los Angeles and we were treated to fireworks displays from the Dodger Stadium to Disneyland. july-4th-1-of-7

Here’s our view looking Southeast towards Disneyland: july-4th-2-of-7

Here is the view looking Southwest to Downtown.  You can see the Dodger Stadium fireworks in front of the Downtown skyline: july-4th-3-of-7

At 9:05 the Rose Bowl show began.  From our view the fireworks were actually eye level.  Colors popped and fireworks boomed right before us.  The show was amazing.

july-4th-4-of-7 july-4th-5-of-7 july-4th-7-of-7

And Fin?  For a first-timer he did remarkably well.  Though it was an hour past his bedtime and he was cranky from teething, he was mesmerized by the lights and smiled and laughed as they exploded.  He wasn’t afraid of the noise, and watched nearly the whole show from Dad’s lap or sitting on his shoulders.  Our little boy is now an inducted patriot.


Happy Birthday America.


  1. Holly Gonzales says:

    So THAT is what you have been missing every year…? Amazing!

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