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Don’t get me wrong, I love my little boy, and I’m glad we had a little boy, but this project almost makes me wish I had a little girl.  That, or it tempts me to have as many babies as it takes until we get a girl in there somewhere.  Yikes, did I really just think that?

The daughter of Big N’s assistant is turning 2 this weekend, except she’s the size of a three year old.  Big N’s assistant is amazing.  Not only has she learned to keep my husband’s absentmindedness in check, but every once in a while she does favors for me too.  (Like most recently when a rogue gardener kicked up a rock with his weed whacker and smashed my car’s rear window, Big N’s assistant drove it in to have it repaired the same day.)  We love and appreciate her so I wanted to make something special for her daughter, toddler M.  M has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, fair skin, and the sweetest smile, and I knew the yellow and pinks in this lotus fabric would be darling on her.

Like most of the projects in Emma Hardy’s project book Making Children’s Clothes, this pinafore dress was easy to make, and took me about 6 hours start to finish.

The pattern called for flower cut outs to be sewn onto the front of the dress but the fabric I chose was already too busy so I added a sweet yellow ribbon along the bottom and a simple pink and yellow bow.  The cotton fabric makes the dress casual and comfortable but the lining inside gives it a nice drape and the button closure on the back makes the dress a little more special.  This dress was size 4-5 T so little M can grow into it and wear it throughout this summer and maybe even next.  I loved this fabric so much I ordered more to make for my future little miss.

I hope M feels like a princess and does a twirly dance when she wears her dress for the first time. But just in case she wants to be rough and tumble once in a while, she can ride around on her other birthday present, a pink Radio Flyer scooter. No reason little M can’t be a princess and race around on her scooter too. She’s a modern girl.

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