And Fashion To Boot: Mini crossbody bags

I’ve made an executive decision.  This blog is where I express my passions in life (food, wine, cooking, photography, crafts, projects, family, all things domestic).  Up until now, however, I’ve largely ignored what is arguably my girliest passion: shopping!  No longer.  It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to.  So here goes.

If you haven’t been paying attention, trending hard right now are mini crossbody bags and I adore them all.  These bags are particularly convenient for the new mother who is already carrying a gargantuan bag full of baby’s stuff with no room leftover for momma’s stuff.  I prefer to travel light whenever possible and need a bag just big enough to carry mini wallet, phone, keys, new mini-camera (that’s another post), and my favorite lip balm.  (Baby’s bag, on the other arm, must hold: bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, food, snacks, utensil, bib, burp cloth, change of clothes, blanket, jacket, trash baggies for poopie diapers, and hand sanitizer, which explains why it needs to be gargantuan).

Below are some of the mini crossbody bags I’m crushing on most.  I’m the happy owner of 2 of the bags below. Hee.

Which 2, you ask? Why, these 2:

mini-cross-body-1-of-2 mini-cross-body-2-of-2

The Chloe Marcie Mini is made of buttery soft pebble leather and holds more than it seems. Plus it’s easy access. The natural bag on the right is by Irish designer Orla Kiely. It’s made of stiff leather and I just love the intricate leather binding on the front. Don’t mind my painfully white legs. I’m opposed to tanning for vanity reasons (the sun ages, period, but I really have no excuse to forego the self tanner, that’s just laziness). And the shoes are Seychelle’s Wheel of Fortune Sandal, another recent acquisition. Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I completely have to stop buying fun stuff for me, right?

I’m glad you agree.