Dinner Party Dessert: Drunken Pears

Recently, Big N and I invited the Double Ds over for dinner.  It was my first attempt at a dinner party type deal post baby so I kept it fairly simple.  For dinner I made miso marinated black cod with black forbidden rice and bok choy stir fry.  Since you’ve seen me talk about miso black cod before, and because my rice was crunchier than it should have been, I’ll skip bragging about dinner and focus on dessert:  drunken pears.

This was a three-element dessert:  cabernet soaked poached*pears with cabernet sauce, toasted almond ice cream, and crispy almond macaron.  The idea for the cabernet poached pear came from here, but I added clove for some extra kick.  Bosc pears are still in season and are firm enough to withstand poaching.  I poached the pears the night before, making sure to turn them often to provide even color.  Once they were soft, I strained the spices from the liquid and reduced the leftover poaching liquid until I had a nice cabernet syrup. 

The toasted almond ice cream was my own creation, toasted almond ice cream recipe.  The crispy macarons were a new idea, sort of.  I wanted a little crunch to this dessert to contrast the soft texture of the pear and the ice cream.  So I made French style macarons with almond buttercream centers, but I purposefully overcooked my macaron cookies until they came out crunchy.  (I swear the overcooking was intended!).  (You’ve seen me talk about macarons before too.  For a complete discussion of French macarons, you must read Tartelette’s blog.  She is the queen of macarons and her food photos are divine).    

Here was the result: drunken pears with cabernet sauce, crispy almond macarons and toasted almond ice cream.  Love love love the beautiful color on the pears.

(*Fun fact: poaching is one of the 7 classical French techniques). 


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