Mom Approved Part 2: Baby Stuff Galore

My good friend, the lovely D, recently asked me if I really used all the “stuff” that I received for Fin’s baby shower. My reply: actually, Yes. I fully realize that new mommas are absolutely OB-SESSED with all the baby stuff. I myself spent weeks just researching what stroller we should buy.  A sales clerk at a baby store told me that most parents end up buying 4 strollers by the time they’re finished having kids. (For the record, we now have 2 and I’m contemplating a third).  And at my law firm, my lawyer colleagues who are new mommas actually put together a spreadsheet listing all of their recommendations for their favorite products and comments about why a particular product was a must (we’re Type A after all).  Baby shopping is a SERIOUS business.

So, for all you new mommas or soon-to-be mommas who are as obsessed as I am about all things baby, below are my recommendations for my favorite can’t do without baby products (and some that I could do without but love just the same). 

Baby Stuff 2


1 Think Baby bottles- these bottles have natural shaped nipples and my son doesn’t choke on them (a plus).  Also- they’re BPA free so no worries about icky leaching chemicals.

2 Storksak diaper bag- this is my “upscale” diaper bag. It’s made of chic leather, but has easily wipeable nylon lining, tons of pockets, and comes with a bottle cozy, changing pad, and smaller attached bag to hold momma’s lipstick. 

3 Bright Starts InGenuity Baby Bouncer- this bouncer actually bounces (not a swing) and plays music that my son loves.  He can sit in here for thirty minutes and just play by himself so momma can take a shower.

4 Coco Baby Lounger- this is one of those items that isn’t “a must” per se, but sure looks styling.  This lounger matches our contemporary home (love those Eames-esque lines!) and was a gift from my cool brother.  Fin can chill in it while he watches momma cooking in the kitchen. 

5 Bumbo seat- Fin isn’t old enough to sit on his own, but this seat gives him a head start.  Perfect for the 2-4 month old.  Fin gets lots of practice balancing that big ole head of his.  Hee.

6 Naturesutten natural rubber pacifier- these pacifiers are a throw back to olden days. Made of natural rubber with an orthodontic shape, it’s a BPA free eco friendly sucky toy.  Unfortunately, I found these a wee bit late, after Fin got used to his Avent pacifiers, so he’ll only suck on this guy for a few minutes. It’s more momma’s fave than Fin’s fave, but that’s ok.

7 Bumble Bags Eco Friendly Erica Carryall- this is my every day diaper bag. Darling easy cleaning nylon fabric, it comes with a changing pad, pacifier cozy, stroller straps, and pull out diaper caddy. It holds a ton, and is lightweight.

8 Flexibath- I can’t wait until Fin is big enough to sit on his own so I can use his Flexibath. Our bathtub is too deep so I can’t give Fin a bath easily in it. This is a portable baby size bath tub that folds up nice and thin. Perfect.

9 Baby Beaba- baby food maker- steams and purees in one handy dandy machine.  Making baby food is easy as pie, and this machine makes it convenient too. No jars of baby food in our house!

10 Babyhawk Mei Tai carrier, available at  Design your own carrier! Mix and match fabrics. This one is rugged, and even Big N doesn’t mind wearing it.  Plus you can wear your baby on the front or on your back (once he’s older). It’s comfy too.

11 Miracle Blanket- a swaddling godsend.  This is the only blanket that the baby won’t be able to wiggle out of so baby can sleep soundly.  Buy 2!

12 Baby Jogger City Mini- this is our go everywhere stroller. Light weight, good maneuverability, and the oh-so-quick one-handed fold system makes it a snap to grab and go.  Reasonably priced too.

13 Cariboo Gentle Motions bassinet with changing station- this is our downstairs bassinet. It looks perfect in our contemporary home and Fin loves that it rocks.  Plus it has a changing table attachment on top so we don’t have to run upstairs to change his diaper or hurt our backs bending over to change him on the couch. Not cheap, but it folds up like an easel to save space when not in use.  Great design.

14 Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat- go for an infant seat that is rated for babies up to 30 pounds to keep them rear-facing for at least a year.  This one fit the bill. I’m not crazy about the sun shade (it’s a bit short), but we like it.

15 Baby Trend Snap ‘N Go- a good starter stroller, snap the car seat in there and go- baby no wakey.

16 Medela Freestyle Breast Pump- comes with 4 bottles and a freezer pack.  I hate pumping, but at least this one works well.  Do yourself a favor and get the Simple Wishes hands free bra to pump hands free because the hands free attachments on the Medela pump are a wee bit tricky.

17 ItzBeen Timer- my husband hated that I was always asking him “how long has it been since we fed Fin;” “how long has it been since we’ve changed him??”  Well, this handy dandy time tells you exactly how long “itz been” since you fed him, changed him, put him down for a nap, plus one more timer just for kicks. Plus it has a mini flash light so I can get out of bed and head to Fin’s room without waking Big N. Neato.

18 Tatamia High Chair- love those two in ones! This one converts into a swing. Super styling, and multi functional. Can’t beat that.

There you have it.  Once Fin gets a little older I’ll post on his favorite toys. More to come.  Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.  Happy baby shopping!

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