More Fun with Pears: Brandied Cherry & Pear Tartlets

Somebody must love us, because once again we received a shipment of Harry & David’s Royal Riviera Pears.  Last year I made delicious Pear Pate de Fruits jellies with the pears we received for the holidays.  For Christmas dinner at Fin’s grandma’s house (Momma Big N), I brought Brandied Cherry & Pear Tartlets.  I actually pulled the recipe from my Epicurious iphone app while I was in the Whole Foods pondering what to make with them, because that’s where us modern girls get dessert ideas, or didn’t you know?  (For those few of you who have not yet downloaded the Epicurious iphone app, which I highly recommend, you can also find the recipe here.) 

I like making tartlets.  Somehow making a mini version feels like less of a baking commitment than making a full tart or pie, though the amount of work is really the same.  Once you have to bust out your rolling pin you’re in for a three hour baking project, minimum.  These tartlets took me nearly all day to make, but that’s because I had break down the steps and perform them one at a time during Fin’s scattered nap times.  

The brandied cherries (what are the holidays without a little brandy?) and pear filling had a nice tanginess to it, not too sweet, so it went well after our rich Christmas potluck dinner (which consisted of hickory smoked brisket, fig and gorgonzola mac & cheese, carrot soup made from carrots picked fresh from Big N’s sister’s garden, and walnut and goat cheese salad).  My crust came out nice and flakey, and I even got to use my mini maple leaf cookie cutter to add a festive design to these pretty little minis.  A sweet Christmas treat.  pear-tart-5-of-5


  1. These look so cute and delicious. I love little tarts!

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