Holiday Baking: Treat Boxes

Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than baking (and eating) sweets.  I can’t consider the holidays a success until I feel a little tightening around my mid section.  After all, if I didn’t put on those few extra pounds in December then I would be lacking in new years resolutions.

For holiday treats this year I found these darling winter wonderland treat boxes from Martha Stewart (of course).  I bought enough boxes to make treats for my and Big N’s extended family, as well as our favorite co-workers.  Being home with the munchkin afforded me plenty of time for baking.  The treat boxes contained 4 smallish compartments, so my treat menu included the following:

  • Coconut macaroons
  • Peanut brittle
  • Pecan caramel turtles
  • Peppermint marshmallows

The coconut macaroons are a family favorite that I bake several times a year.  Fresh out of the oven they have a nice crunchy outside, but once stored they get soft and slightly gooey.  The coconut makes them a rich indulgence, perfect to eat with a cup of joe.  The macaroons require only 4 simple ingredients and are a snap to make.  Find the recipe here:  Coconut macaroon recipe.

The pecan caramel turtles, again, are so easy to make they can’t even be called “baking”.  I’m almost embarassed to say how easy theywere but I’ll reveal the secret and point you to the recipe (here) because they are totally yummy.

The peanut brittle required just a little more finesse but still not overly complicated.  (Recipe here)  Brittle is best made when the weather is dry because the sugar soaks up moisture from the air but since LA has been hit with a deluge of rain, I didn’t really have a choice.  The brittle softened up just a bit when packaged but was still crunchy enough to be delicious.  A fun salty-sweet snack.

Finally, the marshmallows were a first attempt and a total delight to make.  I enjoyed making them so much that I plan to experiment with various flavors in the near future.  (Recipe here).

The treat boxes came out darling.  I don’t know what it is but I’m obsessed with pretty packaging and finding the exact right size container to fit whatever it is I need to put in a container.  Me thinks Martha Stewart made these boxes just for me.  If they go on sale after the holidays I’m going to buy every last one of them and store them for next year.  Hee.


  1. Ohhh my…I am drooling and jealous at how fantastic these look! I am so happy you put in a marshmallow recipe link – it is on my wishlist to make sometime in the near future. Well done on the treat boxes!

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