Mom Approved: Newborn Boy’s Clothes

Back when I was a single attorney at Big Firm, my salary afforded me a certain amount of disposable income that I spent faithfully on clothes, shoes, and beauty products.  Now that I’m a mom I’ve transferred all of my shopaholic tendencies to my son.  Where I used to take breaks from billable hour hell by internet shopping for shoulder bags, pumps, and miracle wrinkle cream, I now comb the infant websites for the perfect organic cotton long sleeve onesie that my son will grow out of in five minutes.    

Because cute baby boy clothes are a little tougher to find, I thought I’d share a few of the brands I’m loving for Griffin.  Over the next few weeks I also intend to share my favorite baby products, diapering products, and gadgets.  Babies need so much stuff and it’s easy to go a little nutty sifting through all the products out there.  Moms-to-be are probably the easiest demographic target.  It isn’t hard to convince us that our baby will suffer if he doesn’t have the perfect orthodontic pacifier, or swaddling blanket, or BPA free bottle.  Rather than depend on my own vulnerabilities to hip marketing ploys, when I was pregnant I solicited the advice of my friends to tell me the products they couldn’t live without.  Now that I’ve had 2 whole months of experience, I’m confident that I can pass on some of the collective wisdom.  To start it off, below are some of the brands that are currently in my son’s laundry basket. 

Boy's Clothes


1 Footed jumpers and onesies in the alligator and elephant patterns by Zutano.  A gift from Aunt Echo and the only thing that actually fit tiny Fin when he came home from the hospital.  I was so sad when he outgrew them that I bought him a blanket and a larger size onesie in the alligator pattern just so I could continue to see Fin wearing them. 

2 Petit Lem hats, footed jumper, and sleep sack (not pictured).  Fin looks darling in the white and mint striped pattern. 


3 Under the Nile- organic cotton basics. They make kimono style shirts and onesies that are easy to take on and off with fewer snaps, as well as comfy footed pants.  The long-sleeved onesie has extra fabric that can be folded over Fin’s hands to prevent him from scratching his face at night.  Another favorite is the rolled waist wide leg pants.  Darling. 


4 Babysoy jumper and reversible hooded jackets.  Babysoy products blend soy fiber and cotton for a very soft environmentally friendly clothing line. 


5 Cozibug Cucoon. Griffin loves sleeping in this fleece lined swaddler that’s easy to get him in and out of without waking the sleeping dragon. 


6 Angel Dear bunting for after Fin’s bath, and one piece jumper.  Angel Dear uses thin sweater like fabrics that are so delicate and soft.  Though the fabrics need to hang dry to prevent shrinkage, these pieces are worth the extra effort. 


7 See Kai Run shoes.  Griffin’s not old enough to wear his yet but I have a pair ready to go for when he takes his first steps. 


8 Bibi & Mimi sneaker socks.  These are the only socks that actually stay on Griffin’s feet.  I can’t tell you how many socks have gone missing in his short life, but he still has all 6 pairs of these socks in his drawer. 


9 Lucky Jade elephant blanket made from a blend of bamboo and cotton, another gift from Aunt Echo.  Most baby blankets are too thick to cover Griffin when he is in his car seat.  This blanket is made from the softest jersey-like material.  It folds up small enough to stash in the diaper bag but still keeps Griffin perfectly warm.  This is our go-to blanket when we need to cover up our boy while he sleeps in his car seat when mom and dad are out to dinner. 


There you have it.  Feel free to add your favorite baby clothes brands in the comments section. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect long sleeved onesie. 

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