1 Click Heaven: Amazon Mom

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I’m addicted to receiving things in the mail.  Amazon feeds my addiction on nearly a daily basis.  So when my friend M., an unapologetic shopaholic like myself, emailed me about Amazon Mom, I signed up right away then sent her virtual kisses for turning me onto to such sheer genius.  (PS- M. also turned me onto my other latest obsession, Lucky Rewards.  If you’re not a Lucky Magazine subscriber, become one, then sign up here. You’ll thank M. later.)

Here’s how Amazon Mom works in my world:

Yesterday I killed both of Griffin’s pacifiers.  I put them in the microwave bottle sterilizer and instead of microwaving for the recommended 8 minutes to sterilize, I accidentally pressed another zero and set the microwave for 80 minutes.  Exactly 15 minutes later I realized my mistake, but not in time to save the pacifiers, which had by that point turned into a congealed plastic mess.

The only pacifier I had left was the mini one he received in the hospital NICU after birth.  What was Griffin going to do without his favorite pacifiers to soothe him?  And could I brave another trip to Babies R Us, a store that gives me a headache every time I walk through the sliding doors into the harsh flourescent lights?  I think not.  Enter Amazon Mom.  I found his favorite pacifiers, and even discovered a natural rubber pacifier that I thought he might like.  As a proud member of Amazon Mom, I get FREE two-day shipping (and will continue to get free two-day shipping on nearly everything Amazon sells as long as I spend $25/month on baby items- a cinch!).  And if I absolutely had to have those pacifiers tomorrow, no problem- overnight shipping is only $3.99- what a bargain.  Plus- I will receive 30% off diapers and other baby products if  I sign up to have them auto delivered.  So I now will receive a fresh supply of Griffin’s baby wipes delivered every three months for 30% off and free shipping.  What can be more convenient than that?  [Check out the Amazon Mom program here.]

I can even get all my baby supply shopping done while I’m pumping breast milk at 3 a.m. (lovely visual of me pumping and e-shopping to the right).  Color me one satisfied e-shopaholic.  Griffin will be sucking away on his new pacifiers by tomorrow.

For the busy mom who hates making trips to the store and loves to receive packages in the mail, Amazon Mom is a godsend.  Now I realize that ordering items to be shipped in the mail is not the most environmentally friendly way to shop- but I recycle all of those boxes and save gas and the environment by not hauling my butt to the store every time Griffin runs out of something, which is pretty much daily. So there.


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