Nursery Complete: Griffin’s Lair

Smiles are new to Griffin.  At seven weeks old he’s just starting to get the hang of them.  He smiles most often, oddly enough, when I’m changing him on his changing table.  Either he really likes getting a clean diaper on his bum or he likes that I’m leaning over close to his face making ridiculous sounds just to get a rise out of him.  For whatever the reason, Griffin seems to enjoy being in his new room.

griffins-room-3-of-5 We completed the room just in time for his arrival.  In keeping with the contemporary style of our home, we furnished the nursery with white and walnut modern furniture and a comfy leather glider/recliner, all from Giggle.  The end table is the “mag table” from Design within Reach (very Eames-esque), and the rug is an ultra plushy faux fur flokati rug that looks and feels as soft as a teddy bear.  Walls are minty green.  The bedding is the organic Jingo the Monkey collection from Coyuchi.  I chose it because of the simply sweet embroidered jungle animals and especially the giraffe details.  (The giraffe has been my favorite animal ever since I hand fed one at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  I’ll never forget the way the creature looked at me and blinked his gigantic eyes as he ever so gently took the food from my hand.  My mother also loved giraffes, and I was inspired to go with the giraffe theme by the carved wooden African giraffe that she had on our fireplace mantle growing up.  See the figurine on the mag table). griffins-room-5-of-5

griffins-room-2-of-5 We kept the decor in muted colors so we could emphasize the artwork that my husband slaved over for weeks.  Big N doesn’t paint, but he can design a software program like nobody’s business and he was inspired to design an art installation especially for Fin’s room using his newly created “thread art” program.  The program allows the user to choose colors and configurations and then presto- it creates “thread art” in random or not-so-random patterns.  He created seven “thread art” images in coordinating colors, then we had them printed on canvas and stretched on circular art boards in various sizes.  The layout took him several days to get just right (the spacing had to be absolutely perfect, he’s a perfectionist after all).  The room came together as soon as Big N hung his installation, which he dubbed “Prismatic Chords.” 

griffins-room-1-of-5 I hope as Griffin grows he enjoys being in his room as much as we enjoyed designing it for him.  He’s already showing an interest in the bright shapes on his walls and loves being rocked to sleep while being held by daddy in the glider.  And if he ever needs more inspiration, here is the view from the window in Griffin’s room (taken on a rainy day) looking towards Downtown Los Angeles and even farther towards Catalina Island: griffins-room-4-of-5



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