Food Blogger Folly: Thanksgiving

I seem to be the worst food blogger ever.  Thanksgiving.  The big mamma jamma of holidays for foodies and food bloggers alike and I blew the opportunity to capture true American over-indulgence at its best.  Boo.

This year I reluctantly gave up Thanksgiving family hosting duties so my brother could have a turn.  I never would have parted ways with an entertaining gig had I not been saddled with a six-week old munchkin but alas, even I need to share sometimes.  But since my brother the firefighter and my sister-in-law the nurse both had to work on Thanksgiving, they held their dinner on Friday.  (It was a lovely affair, we all had a wonderful time and ate until our stomachs popped a button or two.  They did a fantastic job).  That left the actual Thanksgiving holiday open for Big N to invite his smallish family over for a Thanksgiving potluck of sorts.  There were just 5 of us, totally manageable, even with a newborn on my hip. 

thanksgiving-1-of-2 The menu was simple, because with the exception of Big N and myself, all in attendance were vegetarians.  My mother-in-law brought a veggie lasagna made with some veggies from her garden, my sister-in-law contributed her famous quinoa stuffed peppers, my brother-in-law brought fattening cheesy rolls and treats from Porto’s, and I finished off the menu with Ruth’s Chris sweet potato casserole, roasted brussel sprouts, my now famous Cream of Wild Mushroom soup, and pumpkin bread pudding with dulce de leche poured on top, a recipe out of my Everyday Food magazine.  For Big N’s part, he spent the entire day smoking a brisket with hickory wood in the Weber smoker he used for the very first time, despite the fact that I bought it for him at least 5 years ago.  Only Big N and I indulged in the brisket but we weren’t complaining. thanksgiving-2-of-2 We sat around the table and took turns holding Griffin while we carbed-out as you can only do on Thanksgiving.  By 7 pm the meal was over and Griffin and I both said nite nite.  I think every dinner should end by 7 pm, but I’m only saying that because I crash nearly every night at exactly 7 pm due to sleep deprivation.

Unfortunately, being the terrible food blogger that I am, I failed to capture the magic of this understated event and took only a few measly pictures.  Since my brother and I now agreed to switch off hosting Thanksgiving from year to year (I wasn’t going to let him steal my thunder permanently, mind you), next year I intend to do what real food bloggers do (see a few of my favorites: herehere, and here) and blog about what I intend to cook before I actually cook it to provide some ideas to my precious few readers (that’s you!). 

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