Fundraiser Apple Fun: Gala Apple “Cobbler Tatin”

Big N’s five-year-old twin godchildren are irresistible.  The energy when they burst into a room and bombard whomever is within range with smiles and hugs is enough to bewitch Scrooge himself.  So when the girls asked me to buy a bag of organic apples (at $20 bucks a pop~) to raise money for their grammar school I happily agreed, then let that bag sit on my counter for days before I realized that I should actually make something with them.  Apple cobbler tatin was what I came up with. 

A tarte tatin is basically an upside down apple tart made with caramelized apples.  I loved the idea of using alcohol soaked caramelized apples, but I wanted to make an easier biscuit-like cobbler topping for my dessert.  I dub this recipe “apple cobbler tatin.”  Gala Apple Cobbler Tatin recipe

I caramelized my apples in spiced rum and dried cranberries, but Calvados (apple brandy, strong stuff) works better if you have it on hand.  The apples cooked just enough to take on a gooey caramel quality, like a melted apple flavored Sugar Daddy.  I recommend using a non-stick pan for this recipe or you’ll be stuck soaking for days trying to get all the goo out.  The biscuit cobbler topping (which actually becomes the bottom when you turn the tatin upside down to plate) works well with the apples because it isn’t too sweet, think homemade shortcake.  I baked my tatins in mini-loaf pans.  The tatins held their shape nicely when turned upside down to serve.  Yummy gooey appley goodness with just a hint of the tasty rum on the tongue.  A splurge indeed, but it was for a good cause, of course. 


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