November treat: Pumpkin donut muffins

I’m absolutely addicted to receiving things in the mail.  Normally I’m a creature of instant gratification, but I do 90% of my shopping online because I actually enjoy waiting for the packages to arrive.  Once I place the order I forget about it, and then when my package arrives it’s just like receiving a present from a secret admirer, except of course it’s a gift from me to me.  I treat myself well. :-) 

Once a month I also receive a special treat from Martha Stewart: Everyday Food Magazine.  I’ve been subscribing to this magazine for 4 years now.  Each month when I see it in my mailbox I dance a little jig, run into the house, and read it cover to cover.  The recipes cater to my particular cooking style: simple, seasonal, and scrumptious (how do you like that for alliteration?).  I especially look forward to the November Thanksgiving issue because it offers new takes on Thanksgiving favorites.  Whenever I host our family’s Thanksgiving extravaganza, I always consult all of my old November Everyday Food magazines before planning my menu.

This month’s issue did not fail to inspire.  It featured a bunch of new pumpkin dessert recipes, including pumpkin bread pudding and pumpkin donut muffins.  I decided to reward myself for all this hard work caring for a newborn baby by baking the pumpkin muffins.  The pumpkin puree gave the muffins a nice color, and they turned out moist and delicious.  I slightly underbaked them to give them a little more of a doughy texture. I especially liked that they were finished by rolling each muffin in spiced cinnamon and sugar (and I added ground clove as well).   

I baked plenty of these fall goodies and took the extras over to my brother’s house for a Halloween treat for the family. 



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