Final Nesting: Griffin’s PJs

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They say about a week before baby arrives, momma hen starts nesting with fury– moving furniture, dusting and vacuuming like crazy, or cleaning the stove with a toothbrush (like my friend M did before her little one arrived).  For me, the final urge to nest did kick in, except my nesting instinct manifested itself in sewing.  I was frantically trying to sew one last project before my little one, Griffin, arrived.

I tackled these easy pajamas that I found in Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones project book.  The PJ set took me about 8 hours to complete, especially since I was moving a little slower being nine months pregnant and all, and kept bumping my belly against the sewing table and knocking my notions off.  

griffins-pjs- Since these PJs were for a little boy, I wanted a non-girly looking fabric.  I chose this darling truck fabric I found at The Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica, a cute little craft shop that offers sewing classes and sells the most amazing bolts of fabric (pricey but cute).  I chose a contrasting fabric for the accents and even made my own french bias binding out of the accent fabric to finish the ties for the PJ top.  Griffin won’t be able to fit in them for some time, but at least my nesting instinct was satisfied.  Griffin was born two days after these PJs were completed.

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