Magic Belly Oil Take 2: New & Improved Formula

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Now well into my ninth month, I’m proud to say that my homemade Magic Belly Oil concoction really is magic- still no pesky stretch marks on this burgeoning belly.  I faithfully slathered it onto my midsection every day after the shower and used up my entire supply.  I’m officially addicted.  I needed more, pronto. magic-bellly-1-of-3

This time around I made a few changes to the formula.  I said adios to lanolin because it is an animal product, and splurged on a few additional carrier and essential oils.  Argan oil from Morocco, which contains high levels of fatty acids and antioxidants and is known for its regenerative properties, was the first welcome addition.  I also added tamanu oil, from a nut tree in southeast Asia, which promotes healing and is a homeopathic anti-inflammatory for aggravated skin.  magic-bellly-2-of-3 Finally, pure essential oils of calendula (aka marigold), which has powerful healing properties, and tangerine, which has been shown to reduce stretch marks and cellulite, were added to power pack the new formula with extra stretch mark fighting goodness.  My new and improved formula is truly luxurious, and contains only the best expeller cold pressed oils for maximum skin penetration.  Thanks to the tangerine and calendula essential oils, the fragrance is much improved and soothing, though not floral at all.

Once again I sterilized my bottles and equipment, and emulsified all the ingredients in my high powered blender.  Finally, I whipped up some labels so I can give my concoction away as presents to pregnant friends.  My belly never feels itchy like most women experience during the last trimester, and it’s still supple and elastic.  The true test will be when I give it to friend J, who is pregnant with twins.  Then I’ll really know whether my improvements paid off.    magic-bellly-3-of-3

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