Birthday PJ pants: Daniel’s 1st Birthday

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Hard to believe that my nephew turned one year old.  In this year he’s grown from a helpless infant to a happy, perceptive, stubborn, demanding, lovable, darling boy.  Gone is his newborn baby smell, replaced by dirty hands and an ever smudged mouth as he explores the world around him on all fours, grabbing and tasting whatever he finds in his path.  Any day now he’ll be walking on his own, when the challenge will really begin for my brother and sister-in-law.

Last weekend we attended Daniel’s birthday party.  Daniel was the life of the party, splashing in the pool, greeting what seemed like dozens of babies around him, and wearing his birthday boy hat proudly.  By the time it came to the traditional first birthday cake smashing, poor Daniel was so exhausted from all the excitement and attention that he cried after we sang him “happy birthday” and his parents tried to get him to enthusiastically nose dive into his cake.  The poor little guy was surrounded by 75 people all anxiously awaiting the performance.  Once he obliged, mommy put him down for a nap. 

For Daniel’s present, in addition to a store bought toy I wanted to sew Daniel something special for the occasion.  In the days before the party I was feverishly wrapping things up at work before the start of maternity leave and was short on time.  The only project I could think of that I could accomplish in a few hours were jersey pajama pants.  I found a simple pattern in one of my favorite project books, sized it up to fit a size 2 (yes, Daniel is already that big), and sewed away.  Since jersey material is stretchy and can be difficult to work with, I used my serger machine to finish the edges, which not only allows the fabric to stretch, but it saves time because the machine cuts and sews in one step and the edges look professional.  Three hours later Daniel’s PJ pants were complete.  The fire engine and dalmation fabric I chose was in honor of his daddy the firefighter.  They might be a tad long in the legs but he’ll probably grow into them by next week.  They’re the perfect comfy pants to transition from crawler to walker. 


  1. Oh so cute!

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