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It’s T-minus three weeks until the Bambino arrives and I am officially on maternity leave (the sabbatical I’ve been anxiously anticipating for the last several years)!  Waking up sans alarm clock with no preplanned agenda has been quite an adjustment for a gal used to working 50+ hours a week and cramming everything else I need to get done, like family time, errand running, blogging, photography, sewing, baking, shopping, etc. on the weekends.  Now with all this time on my hands I’m spending most of my days in the house starting projects that I have every good intention of finishing before the big day.  And of course one project always leads to another, so I’ve been planning a gazillion future projects because I have these utopian visions of sewing and crafting while baby sleeps soundly in the next room.   I’ve been told (ad nauseum as a matter of fact) that the first 3 months caring for an infant doesn’t leave a new mom time to shower much less time to hobby-craft and that I should keep my expectations for free time low.  But I do hope I can manage to squeeze in a few fun things that will make my home confinement after baby arrives a little more bearable.

I recently dipped my toe into the world of Martha Stewart, whose book the Encyclopedia of Crafts was given to me by my mother-in-law.   The Enclyclopedia contains “how to” instructions for every project imaginable, from decoupage to silk screening, to candle and soap making.  For my first project I started with something easy: rubber stamped stationery.

Two weeks ago, bestest friend H threw me a darling baby shower, with a “sweet pea” theme of course.  She went all out with sweet pea decorations, custom signs, cookies for the guests to take home, and a fantastic cake.  I was grateful and highly impressed. The shower was beautiful, and all of my friends and family had a lovely time, me especially.  stationery-1-of-1

 The event (and good ‘ole Martha) inspired me to make handcrafted rubber stamped thank you notes to show my gratitude for all of the fabulous presents my friends and family bestowed on the Bambino.  I decided to make cards using my signature ginkgo motif in green sweet pea colors to match the shower’s theme.  I ordered some rubber stamps, blank stationery, and a ginkgo mini-punch online and got to work.  First I created a simple stamped design on scratch paper, then stamped away.  Finally I added my personal touch by gluing cascading ginkgo leaves punched out of green swirly vellum paper.  I stamped the back “Made with Love / Sweet Peas by Tamara” to give it the final handmade charm.

Since I had to individually stamp the letters and glue 8 ginkgo leaves to each of the 30 thank you cards, the process took quite a while and I mailed the thank you cards later than I’d hoped.  I think Emily Post and the shower guests will forgive me for the delay since I added a personal touch to each thank you note.  All in all, a very satisfying crafting experience.  Thank you Martha.

Oh, and here’s the obligatory baby shower bump shot, in all its gigantic glory: stationery-10-of-1


  1. Loved the card! I received my on Thursday. Beautiful job. -T

  2. You look fantastic! So glad to have a glance at the baby bump.

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