Nursery in progress: just a hint

I had hoped to unveil RB’s nursery in grand fashion, and was inspired by my friend Anica’s ultra hip nursery post over at lickitylist (seriously, can one nursery be more cute and creative? love Love LOVE it!).  But the truth is I’m impatient.  While the nursery is still a work in progress, I want to share some of what I’ve been working on NOW because it’s all too exciting.   Yes I know, I have six weeks to go until RB will be spitting up and pooping all over his shiny new nursery.   Good thing we have a bit of time left on my belly clock, because we still have a few things on order and Big N is working on a very special art piece to decorate the wall above RB’s crib.  The complete unveiling will follow soon.  Here’s a hint of what’s in store:



  1. I can’t wait for the unveiling!

  2. Love the furniture choices – I can’t wait for the unveiling either!

  3. Mike Bernstein says:

    Looks great! Do not forget the rocking chair.
    Be Well

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