Pregnancy remedy: Magic Belly Oil

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Now that I’m approaching beached whale size (7 months and widening), I decided to become my own guinea pig to test out a homemade anti-stretch mark oil.  I thought about buying one of the trendy belly oils but discovered the best ones out there cost upwards of $40 bucks a bottle.  So, being the smart innovative gal that I am, I guffawed at those extravagant prices and decided to make my own concoction.  magic-belly-1-of-3 I first started by researching the key ingredients used in the pricey oils, then did more research on homeopathic websites to learn about the healing properties of the ingredients I was considering.  After I decided on a winning formula, I bought my raw materials from a vitamin website.

Once they arrived I sterilized some recycled cosmetic bottles and set to work in my kitchen turned mini chem lab, throwing the exact right ratios of my (now trade secret) formula into my trusty Blendtec blender.  magic-belly-2-of-3 While I won’t reveal my formula, key ingredients include cold pressed coconut and grape seed oils (high vitamin and lipid contents), wheat germ (vitamin E), lanolin (moisturizing), and pure essential oils such as lavendar and rosehips.  Three blissful minutes of emulsification later, I bottled my very first batch of Magic Belly Oil.  (The name comes from my father in law, who proclaimed my mother in law’s belly to be “magic” while it was stuffed with the baby that would grow up to become my husband).

magic-belly-3-of-3 I’ve been using Magic Belly Oil with success now for a couple of months, rubbing it all over after the shower.  The formula absorbs nicely and keeps my taut skin supple, but for my next batch I think I need to work on the fragrance, as my oil has a slight medicinal smell.  I can’t say with certainty that my secret formula has worked but so far so good, no sign of the dreaded stretch marks on this belly.   The real test will come after my belly has deflated.  Then we’ll see if Magic Belly Oil worked its magic on me.


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