PEAS: Daniel at 5 months

It’s never too early to start preparing kids to eat well in life.  When all a five month old has had his entire life is breast milk and formula, I’m guessing even lima beans will taste like candy.  Daniel has just begun delving into the vast arena of solid foods, and vegetables are where a 5 month old should start (I’ve read).  So when my brother showed up one day with my nephew in tow, and (being a father who’s still learning how to pack the diaper bag) he forgot to pack enough formula to satisfy his son’s healthy appetite, auntie saved the day by whipping up some homemade peas. peas-7-of-1

In my freezer I happened to have a bag of organic peas.  I boiled them in water for a few minutes, then plopped them into my super high powered Blendtec blender, added a little water, and pureed until creamy smooth.  It doesn’t get more simple (and preservative free with no added chemicals or stabilizers) than that!  Perfect way to start baby off right.  peas-7-of-2

Hating them himself, my brother was skeptical that “any son of his” will tolerate peas.  After Daniel took his first bite it appeared my brother might win the bet that his son would spit them peas right out because the little guy pursed his lips, raised his eyebrows, and clearly questioned what on earth he was force fed.  Taking his time with this new experience, Daniel went through several emotions from confused to disgusted and finally settling on sheer delight, all of which showed on his face over the course of two seconds.  He then opened wide and started to cry when we didn’t pour spoonful after spoonful into his mouth at warp speed.  I beamed with pride as Daniel enjoyed and gorged on the first meal I made for him, plus it’s always nice when a sister gets to prove her brother wrong. :-) peas-8-of-2

My brother, dumbfounded, conceded that his son actually might eat his vegetables without struggle, and graciously asked to take the rest of the peas home to feed them to Daniel the next day.  (Note, to test a baby for food allergies it’s best to feed them a single food for three days in a row to ensure they tolerate it).  Daniel left with a smile on his green smeared face.

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