Something Sweet: Pear Pate de Fruit

Petit fours. Yum.  You know them: the little treats the waiter brings you after dinner, even after dessert, that accompany your check in a restaurant that boasts a good pastry chef.  Sometimes chocolate truffles, sometimes little cakes, and if you’re really lucky, a pate de fruit (fruit jelly).  These single-bite morsels bursting with sweet fruity goodness are de-vine.

pate-de-fruit-6-of-6 For the holidays Big N received a beautiful box of Royal Riviera pears from Harry & David.  I had no idea where they came from, and I had no idea what to do with a dozen pears.  Then I remembered when searching for macaron recipes that Tartelette did a macaron with pate de fruit centers, she’s an industrious one.  I thought, of course, pear pate de fruit.  How exciting, and not too difficult to pull off. 

Four hours later I was rolling my scrumptious gelees into sugar and popping square after square in my mouth until sugar coma levels hit the red zone.  These little goodies are so dangerous, I brought the rest into work and made Big N take some to his office as well. 

Try it yourself, they’re very fun to make: Pear Pate de Fruit Recipe.  I give you permission to be daring and experiment with other fruit purees.  I intend to try pomegranate next.  Tart, sweet, yummy.


  1. Perhaps I’ll be daring and try. ? I am making those cheddar and sage biscuits tomorrow.


  1. […] received a shipment of Harry & David’s Royal Riviera Pears.  Last year I made delicious Pear Pate de Fruits jellies with the pears we received for the holidays.  For Christmas dinner at Fin’s […]

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