Homemade and Eco Friendly Holiday Presents: Dinner Napkins

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In these tough economic times, there ain’t nuthin wrong with a homemade present, as long as it’s not a tea cozy.  For the holidays this year I made for a few of my girlfriends reversible dinner napkins.  Using funky fabrics and a simple design I sewed sets of four.  Not only do the napkins look darling on the table, but using them instead of paper disposables saves a few trees here and there.  napkins-1-of-5

The napkins are easy enough to make, it’s just a square afterall. But believe it or not each set of four takes me a couple of hours, what with all the ironing, measuring, cutting, sewing, ironing again….you get the idea.  So even though I had hopes of making 8 sets or more to give away, I only ended up with 4.  As I always say, having a job really gets in the way of my hobbies.  Next year I’ll have to start sewing my presents in September.

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