Monday Night Fish: Herb Crusted Snapper with Sauteed Red Cabbage

On the weekends I indulge, in food mostly.  I throw dieting out the window and go for the hearty steaks, the rice, the bread, the wine, you name it.  Sometimes I really tempt fate and order dessert.  I do this knowing that on Monday night, I will cook something healthy and light. That will make up for it, slate cleaned.  I am healthy once more.

dinner-2-of-2 Last night, after a typically indulgent weekend and in keeping with the Monday night fish tradition, I made a simple snapper and served that with sauteed red cabbage and a smidge of Israeli cous cous.  Other than the parmesan cheese, which isn’t that bad as far as cheeses go, the fish was light and fairly low cal.  Red Snapper Recipe

Red cabbage, if you’re keeping track, is high in iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals, and is a cancer and Alzheimer’s fighting food.  So eat it, it’s good for you, and tasty too when sauteed with a little apple cider vinegar and mustard seeds.  Sauteed Red Cabbage Recipe dinner-1-of-2

To make the meal extra special, Big N opened a bottle of William Fevre 2007 Chablis (about $22/bottle at Whole Foods).  Chablis, located in the northern part of the Burgundy region, is made from Chardonnay grapes.  Unlike white burgundies, Chablis juice is rarely aged in new oaks, so they tend to be more crisp and acidic than their burgundian cousins.  The William Fevre is on the acidic side, with lots of meyer lemon on the nose, and lemon, green apples, grass, and some minerality on the palate.  If you’re leery of acid, this wine will mellow out with age.  Serve it with fish, shell fish, or hard cheeses.

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