Wild About Bokeh: Daniel at 2 Months

One thing I’m learning quickly as a fledgling photographer is that nothing makes up for skill and the ability to capture a sharp photo, but a really good lens can help you fake it, for a while at least. These days I’m playing around with aperture and depth of field.  The lens I’m loving right now is my new 50 mm f/1.4.  The wide aperture value produces a shallow depth of field, so you achieve the marvelous blurred backgrounds that make portraits pop. (Photography nuts call this “bokeh”, pronounced bo-kay).

To practice with my new lens, I enlisted the help of my nephew, Daniel.  At 2 months old this was his first photo shoot, with me behind the camera anyway. Already a ham, he loves the camera as much as it loves him.  daniel-7-of-7 My father, the proud first-time grandpa, kept Daniel entertained while I snapped away from every angle, because my philosophy at this point is that if you shoot enough you’re bound to get a good one on occasion.  The “shoot constantly” method helped me capture the third picture, where you can really see the resemblance between grandpa and grandson (hint: it’s all in the tongue). 

(Click on a photo to enlarge) 

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